Successful e⁠-⁠learning in companies.

We want you to be permanently satisfied with your digital personnel development. PINKTUM supports your company in successfully establishing our e⁠-⁠training courses. We know how complex the implementation of digital training in companies can be. With PINKTUM, you benefit from many years of expertise in sustainably implementing a digital learning culture. Because your challenge is our passion! PINKTUM Success is currently available for German-speaking new customers with a corporate license.

Erfolgreiches E-Learning im Unternehmen mit PINKTUM Success

PINKTUM Success establishes successful e⁠-⁠learning in companies in just five steps

Fully harnessing the power of e⁠-⁠learning

What challenges does your company's HR development need to overcome in order to effectively develop employees with digital training? PINKTUM finds the solution for your individual situation! How exactly? With many years of consulting expertise and know-how for digital training architecture, bundled into the PINKTUM Success consulting service.

Development of a successful e⁠-⁠learning culture

Your start at PINKTUM

Access to our e⁠-⁠learning platform or our e⁠-⁠training courses for your Learning Management System (LMS)

Comprehensive introduction of e⁠-⁠learning as a webinar for initial start-up support

Clarification of all basic questions regarding the effective use of our e⁠-⁠training courses


Introduction and preparation of the integration of our e⁠-⁠learnings in your company.

Ready to go immediately and time for internal test runs.

Introduction to our e⁠-⁠learning in the form of a workshop

Workshop with analytical consulting for an optimal learning concept

Coordinated introduction to digital training, in line with your corporate culture

Individual clarification of all other open questions


Development of a concrete roadmap for the implementation of individual objectives with follow-up appointments

Learning Culture Workshop

Building on the introductory workshop, our experts in human resources development provide professional tips for successful learning in the company.

Derivation of concrete measures, proposals and strategies for the best possible acceptance of e⁠-⁠learning in companies

Practical best practices and concrete application reports by experienced consultants


We make your company ready to establish e⁠-⁠learning professionally and effectively long term.

Check-in after 6⁠-⁠8 weeks

Joint review of all implemented measures of a digital learning culture

Analysis of success and development potential

Connection and deepening of further support possibilities


Identify weaknesses, evaluate them and mend them - the learning culture thrives on continuous adaptation to needs.

PINKTUM Community

Only when you are permanently satisfied, have we reached our goal

We want to accompany you even after the successful establishment of a digital learning culture

You can look forward to regular communication through newsletters, events, exclusive updates, upgrades and special offers for the PINKTUM product world


Enthusiasm for e⁠-⁠learning is rewarded with supporting exchanges in the PINKTUM Community.


What is the standard of PINKTUM Success?

A digital learning culture can only be successful in companies if it is actively practiced. PINKTUM Success is our solution for enabling HR departments to accompany the successful establishment of e⁠-⁠learning in an advisory and operational capacity. We support you in overcoming obstacles of digital personnel development in order to increase the usage of e⁠-⁠learnings by increasing internal acceptance.

What expertise does PINKTUM Success include?

The PINKTUM Success consulting team is made up of customer service for our various competencies, customer consulting and personnel development. The strategic and practice-oriented expertise for successful personnel development with e⁠-⁠learning is also supported by our parent company.

For which target group is PINKTUM Success available?

Currently, the PINKTUM Success service is available to new customers with a corporate license. The consulting service is already included in the booked package at no extra charge. Please contact us if you are interested in PINKTUM Success.

At what point does PINKTUM Success take place?

The first three steps will best prepare you for the launch of e⁠-⁠training courses and should run parallel with your launch in the first few weeks. The aim of the fourth and fifth step is to accompany you optimally even after the introduction.

Do the five steps of PINKTUM Success always have to be followed?

To successfully implement e⁠-⁠learning, we recommend going through all the steps of PINKTUM Success. We adapt the individual steps in close cooperation with you according to your individual requirements or focus. The five described steps do not necessarily all have to be followed. However, our extensive experience shows that these steps lead to optimal results.