Innovation—Needs-based Development and Testing of Prototypes

Innovation – Prototypen bedarfsgerecht entwickeln und testen
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Agility & Innovation


Total time 60 minutes

Innovations and the testing of new developments are closely interconnected. In this e⁠-⁠training course, we will show you methods for prototyping, how to use them in the most needs-based way with relatively little effort, and how to gain important insights from them at an early stage and thus save costs.

Target group

The target group for this training course consists of managers and employees who want to focus on strategies and support innovation teams during the testing phase.

Learning objectives

  • Creating the right essential conditions for testing your innovations with your team.

  • Relying on analog methods for directional insights and needs-based prioritizing.

  • Pretending that your prototypes are further along than they actually are and learning from the behavior of the test subjects.

  • Letting yourself be guided by the ten basic rules for successful testing


Taking risks
Developing strategies
Working in a customer-oriented manner
Working in a team
Learning from mistakes
Encouraging innovation
Taking a goal-oriented approach
Optimizing products and processes

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