Agile Project Management / Basics

Agiles Projektmanagement – Grundlagen
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Project management


Total time 70 minutes

In this e⁠-⁠learning, the participants receive the basic knowledge about agile project management. At first, agile project management is compared to the classical "waterfall" project management. The essential differences are clearly illustrated with the help of explanatory films. The participants learn important basic concepts of agile project management such as the iterative and incremental approach. Further focal points are the topics "Agile values" and "Agile principles". The participants are asked to classify their currently predominant way of working on the basis of the agile values and principles and to question them if necessary. The course concludes with an overview of the basic process of an agile project.


Target group

Teams that intend to tackle an agile project; employees who are interested in the topic; employees and teams who are looking for new methods for project management

Learning objectives

  • Following up effectively after meetings


Continuously optimizing
Taking a goal-oriented approach
Allowing for errors
Working within a network
Analyzing situations
Working in a customer-oriented manner

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