PINKTUM quadruples its staff and releases a digital learning world

Nikolaus Schäfer

PINKTUM quadruples its staff and releases new digital learning world

PINKTUM, a leading provider for the digitalisation of corporate training through E⁠-⁠Learning, is focusing on a substantial personnel growth in order to expand its national and international position in the E⁠-⁠Learning market.

Since the beginning of 2021, the E⁠-⁠Learning provider's staff has grown by around 400 percent, reinforcing the company's innovative strength. With this growth, PINKTUM plans to emphasise its corporate focus to offer solutions for the increasing digitalisation needs in personnel development. By the end of 2022, the company plans to hire another 40 new employees at its Munich and Hamburg locations.

"Forward-focused learning is one of the most important decision-making criteria for E⁠-⁠Learning. We attract companies with our high-quality and multilingual E⁠-⁠Trainings for digital human resources development, which demonstrate their excellence through realism," says Philipp Mehrtens, CSO PINKTUM. PINKTUM has almost tripled its E⁠-⁠Learning offering since 2021, and has consequently become a leading national and international partner for multilingual E⁠-⁠Learning.

Digital learning world sets new standard for professional E⁠-⁠Learning Management

On July 1, PINKTUM released its latest innovation; PINKTUM World. PINKTUM World is a digital learning platform that enables time and location independent administration, along with the provision of E⁠-⁠Learnings within a company’s own Learning Management System (LMS). As a customer-centric hub, PINKTUM World automates and simplifies management processes in digital corporate training. With their link to PINKTUM World, customers with an existing LMS will have access to PINKTUM's entire E⁠-⁠Learning portfolio. PINKTUM World also provides transparent further training with the aid of its modular extension phases, which serve as a performance and diagnostic tool. With this, PINKTUM World is setting a new standard for professional and efficient E⁠-⁠Learning management within HR departments around the world.

Evolution of personal learning experiences in a virtual space

Through the launch of PINKTUM World, PINKTUM has reached an important milestone in the expansion of its national and international market standing. At the time of its market launch, PINKTUM World is available in German, English, Spanish and French. The multilingual launch underlines PINKTUM's claim to create a fully accessible, authentic and personal learning world on an international level, all within the virtual space.

"With PINKTUM World, we offer an innovative digital solution for convenient learning and easy administration in the E⁠-⁠Learning industry. We are pleased to provide this service to our customers and to support them in the lasting and digital education of their teams," comments Philipp Mehrtens.


PINKTUM is one of the leading providers of E⁠-⁠Learning and web-based training for lasting and effective staff development in businesses. For more than ten years, our high-quality E⁠-⁠Learning experiences have inspired employees and promoted intercultural and accessible human resource development. PINKTUM's internationally awarded online library includes more than 300 video-based, interactive and multilingual E⁠-⁠Learnings. PINKTUM also develops and offers modular learning pathways for targeted competence development, including as blended learning. This enables learning to be integrated into everyday working life in a lasting and targeted manner and encourages employee self-directed learning.

PINKTUM is the brand name of Pink University GmbH, founded in 2010 and based in Hamburg and Munich. The company is part of the PAWLIK Group.

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