E⁠-⁠Learning provider PINKTUM receives numerous quality awards for their multimedia E⁠-⁠Learnings

Nikolaus Schaefer

E⁠-⁠learning provider PINKTUM receives numerous quality awards for their multimedia E⁠-⁠Learnings

PINKTUM's lasting and digital learning concepts, along with their high-quality produced E⁠-⁠Learnings have been recognised by five national and international awards this year alone.

PINKTUM, as one of the leading providers of E⁠-⁠Learning and web-based training for lasting and effective corporate human resource development, has been awarded the prestigious Comenius Seal 2022.

PINKTUM encourages and shapes both companies and leaders to adopt a more diverse corporate culture and to become thought leaders through its dedicated Diversity & Inclusion E⁠-⁠Learnings. PINKTUM impressed the independent panel of the Gesellschaft für Pädagogik, Information und Medien e. V. (Society for Education, Information and Media) with this approach. In the category "Didactic Multimedia Product", the evaluation criteria included the promotion of competencies, practical utility and ease of use.

"The Comenius Award is clear recognition of the high quality of PINKTUM’s E⁠-⁠Learnings. This success encourages us to continuously expand our forward-looking and realistic E⁠-⁠Learnings as we continue to transform professional development using digital learning experiences", says Dr Wolf-Bertram von Bismarck, COO PINKTUM.

This is PINKTUM’s ninth consecutive Comenius EduMedia Award.

PINKTUM continues to set international standards with its multilingual E⁠-⁠Learnings

As a specialist in multilingual and culturally adapted E⁠-⁠Learning, PINKTUM is proud to announce it has received another international award. Every year, the International E⁠-⁠Learning Awards (IELA) honours the highest achievements in online learning. An American panel evaluates E⁠-⁠Learning courses for their pedagogical foundation, effectiveness, user experience and general relevance. This year, PINKTUM impressed the experienced panel chaired by Dr. David Guralnick with its internationally adapted E⁠-⁠Learning "The Manager as Coach" for individual professional development. The course’s real-life scenarios and the use of professional actors were praised as key strengths of PINKTUM:

"One of the strengths of "The Manager as a Coach" is its use of realistic actor videos to demonstrate coaching conversations. These video clips allow learners to compare a traditional approach to coaching with an authentic one”, according to the statement of the independent panel IELA Award.

This is the third time that PINKTUM has been honoured with the IELA Award, strengthening PINKTUM's focus on establishing high-quality, culturally and linguistically appropriate "Made in Germany" E⁠-⁠Learnings for use internationally.

PINKTUM's E⁠-⁠Learnings awarded five times this year alone

As early as the beginning of the year, the E⁠-⁠Learning provider was awarded the German Excellence Prize, the eLearning Award, as well as the title of European Company of the Year 2022 for the quality of its digital in-company trainings.

"We are proud to promote the soft skills of employees worldwide with our digital learning solutions and to support modern corporate human resource development", says Philipp Mehrtens, CSO PINKTUM.


PINKTUM is one of the leading providers of E⁠-⁠Learning and web-based training for lasting and effective staff development in businesses. For more than ten years, our high-quality E⁠-⁠Learning experiences have inspired employees and promoted intercultural and accessible human resource development. PINKTUM's internationally awarded online library includes more than 300 video-based, interactive and multilingual E⁠-⁠Learnings. PINKTUM also develops and offers modular learning pathways for targeted competence development, including as blended learning. This enables learning to be integrated into everyday working life in a lasting and targeted manner and encourages employee self-directed learning.

PINKTUM is the brand name of Pink University GmbH, founded in 2010 and based in Hamburg and Munich. The company is part of the PAWLIK Group.