Viebrockhaus AG and PINKTUM's integrated e⁠-⁠learning solution wins eLearning AWARD 2023

elearning award 2023
Christina Berger

PINKTUM receives eLearning AWARD for the fourth time in a row

The award was presented in 2023 in the "Personalization" category

Viebrockhaus AG reaches almost all of its nearly 1300 employees for the first time with new digital learning platform from PINKTUM

The award jury was convinced by the 3⁠-⁠pillar system, which combines the individually applicable e⁠-⁠training offers of PINKTUM with the micro-trainings of the sister company Compenyon and the precisely coordinated classroom trainings of the parent company PAWLIK Consultants.

Hamburg/Munich/Harsefeld.The nationwide operating solid house specialist Viebrockhaus from Lower Saxony and the e⁠-⁠learning specialist PINKTUM, based in Hamburg and Munich, were awarded the eLearning AWARD 2023 in the category "Personalization" for their integrated e⁠-⁠learning concept. The jury of the eLearning Journal awarded the creation of e⁠-⁠training by PINKTUM in combination with face-to-face trainings of the parent company PAWLIK Consultants as well as the micro trainings of the sister company Compenyon for a particularly individual design of learning.

The annual eLearning AWARD honors outstanding projects in the field of digital learning. In the 13th year of the competition, the eLearning Journal jury selected Viebrockhaus AG's new learning platform from over 300 submissions from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. For the first time in its almost 70-year history, the premium provider of solid houses is using this platform to reach almost all of its nearly 1300 employees.

Philipp Mehrtens, CSO PINKTUM: "This is the fourth eLearning Award in a row for PINKTUM. We are very pleased to receive this joint award, together with Viebrockhaus, and we would like to thank them for the trust they have placed in us and our partners. Together with PAWLIK Consultants and Compenyon, we have created an integrated blended learning program for our clients, where learning measures can be tailored to each individual's exact needs, allowing weaknesses to be improved and strengths to be fostered."

Wolfgang Werner, Chief Human Resources Officer at Viebrockhaus AG: "We placed particular emphasis on designing learning in such a way that all individual participants could really benefit from it. At Viebrockhaus, it was important for us to break down potential barriers and create new learning environments that would make learning easy for everyone in our company. We have achieved this goal with PINKTUM, Compenyon and PAWLIK Consultants. The feedback from our employees has shown that with the combination of e⁠-⁠training, microlearning and face-to-face training, we are on the right track to establishing a long-lasting training culture.

The award-winning learning environment bundles the range of e⁠-⁠learning content for Viebrockhaus' approximately 1300 employees in a single platform. This learning platform was seamlessly integrated into the existing digital working environment. Since the introduction of the new platform, 4565 training courses have been completed, with a usage rate of almost 76 percent, undeniably confirming the success. In addition to the benefits for employees, this award also recognized the project's implementation.


PINKTUM is one of the leading providers of E⁠-⁠Training and web-based training for lasting and effective staff development in businesses. For more than ten years, our high-quality E⁠-⁠Training experiences have inspired employees and promoted intercultural and accessible human resource development. PINKTUM's internationally awarded online library includes more than 400 video-based, interactive and multilingual E⁠-⁠Trainings. PINKTUM also develops and offers modular learning pathways for targeted competence development, including as blended learning. This enables learning to be integrated into everyday working life in a lasting and targeted manner and encourages employee self-directed learning.

PINKTUM is the brand name of Pink University GmbH, founded in 2010 and based in Hamburg and Munich. The company is part of the PAWLIK Group.

About Viebrockhaus

Viebrockhaus AG is a traditional company in the construction sector and as such specializes in the construction of energy-efficient and long-lasting solid houses. With its headquarters in Harsefeld in the district of Stade, the company has built more than 35,000 residences in single-family, two-family and multi-family houses to date and currently employs almost 1,300 of its own staff. The family business Viebrockhaus was founded in 1954 by Gustav Viebrock. Dirk and Lars Viebrock manage the single- and two-family house division, while their brother Jan Viebrock, as owner of Gustav Viebrock GmbH, manages the multi-family house division.

Viebrockhaus operates three show house parks in Bad Fallingbostel, Kaarst and Hirschberg with around 40 show houses and sampling halls in Bad Fallingbostel and Kaarst. In addition, there are 19 consulting offices in Germany.

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