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Zirkeltraining für die Karriere
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Total time 80 minutes

There's circuit training for those who want to increase their athletic performance. But what about those who want to get in shape for their career? What do they do? Joachim Pawlik, a former professional athlete and leading consultant for the performance of managers and the development of potential, has adapted the circuit training method to professional life. At ten stations, you will learn which skills play a crucial role and how to develop them. You will learn how to take genuine responsibility in crucial moments and how you can have greater courage. You will see how you need to practice getting the last ten percent out of yourself and improving speed by thinking more slowly. At every stage, there will be questions to reflect on, exercises, and micro-learnings to challenge you to take a critical look at yourself and work on yourself with specific objectives – for greater flexibility, resilience, and performance at work as well as in your personal life.


Target group

  • Managers and people on their way to becoming managers who want to adapt to the demands of our increasingly fast-paced world and chart their own path in taking charge of their careers.

Learning objectives

  • Act confidently when taking responsibility at decisive moments

  • Exercise focused willpower and courage for the next stage of the career

  • Prepare for challenges with quantitative and qualitative practice

  • Break out of routines to slow down thinking

  • Recognize and use empathy and appreciation as part and parcel of good leadership


Staying self-motivated
Demonstrating confidence
Continuously optimizing
Being bold
Taking on responsibility
Managing stress

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