Unconscious Bias – Recognizing and Reducing Prejudices and Stereotypes

Unconscious Bias – Vorurteile und Stereotype erkennen und reduzieren
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Total time 50 minutes

People tend to classify their fellow human beings into a pre-defined category system and evaluate them on that basis – but why is that? This e⁠-⁠training course deals with unconscious cognitive distortions and other unconscious thought patterns – such as prejudice and stereotypes – along with their causes. Participants will get to know various forms of unconscious bias – such as name bias, affinity bias and confirmation bias – and also receive some helpful tips on how to deal with them in a reflective way in their professional life.


Target group

Employees with and without leadership functions who understand the causes of unconscious bias and want to develop new strategies for dealing with them

Learning objectives

  • Understanding the meaning of the term unconscious bias and the effects of unconscious bias

  • Understanding unconscious bias as a shortcut and part of human survival strategy

  • Knowing the most common and important mechanisms underlying unconscious bias

  • Knowing and applying strategies for countering unconscious bias


Demonstrating openness
Showing caution
Analyzing situations
Being self-critical
Acting fairly and with integrity
Working in a team

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