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Total time 100 minutes

This training course prepares employees to establish and maintain external contacts on a regular basis. It is intended to provide participants with an introduction to the topic, to help them better assess themselves, to set clear networking goals, and to structure and expand their own network.


Target group

The training course is aimed at specialists and managers who regularly want to establish and maintain external contacts, whether these are contacts with service providers, potential customers, partners or (external) experts.; The training course is neither specifically geared to sales nor explicitly designed for managers, but is intended to provide a general introduction to the topic.; Prerequisites for participants are a good level of self-assessment and initial contacts within a still unstructured network.

Learning objectives

  • Understanding what networking is and how individuals and the company as a whole benefit from it

  • Developing a networking strategy and how to prepare yourself

  • Analyzing your own network, evaluating existing contacts and drawing conclusions from them

  • Knowing how to enter conversations and what to look for while networking on the spot

  • Using social and digital networks consciously

  • Maintaining contacts


Representing the company
Setting your own goals
Getting involved
Working within a network
Making yourself clear
Forming collaborations

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