Smart Stress Management

Aktiv gegen Burnout – Stress intelligent Managen
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Total time 120 minutes

In this multimedia e⁠-⁠learning, basic factors such as burnout and stress are explained using feature film scenes. It is shown how burnout can be prevented and reduced. In explanatory films and exercises, the course presents ways to relax and build mental strength, as well as a healthy work-life balance.


Target group

Employees showing signs of stress and overload; employees looking for methods to help them deal with stress

Learning objectives

  • Knowing the connection between stress and burnout

  • Compiling a personal stress profile

  • Being able to discern between stress, stressors and stress reactions

  • Reducing stressors and managing stress

  • Recognizing and preventing burnout


Getting a grip
Showing resilience
Managing stress
Accepting responsibility
Analyzing situations
Being self-critical

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Transfer tasks
Enacted scenes
Interactive elements
Key messages
Moderated video lectures
Knowledge Check
Animated illustrative videos