More Energy, More Productivity, More Success

Mehr Energie - mehr Leistungskraft - mehr Erfolg
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Total time 180 minutes

This e⁠-⁠learning shows how to increase performance in a targeted manner and thus motivate yourself in the long term. It introduces the right stamina training and shows how to stay fit through intelligent self-management and healthy nutrition. Recovery and relaxation are highlighted as central factors for improved performance. Through mental training the participants learn to avoid burnout.


Target group

High-performance employees who tend to take on too much and lose sight of a holistic lifestyle

Learning objectives

  • Knowing your own potential

  • Knowing the basic rules of self-motivation

  • Using systematic endurance and muscle training

  • Knowing the basics of healthy nutrition

  • Using self-management methods

  • Being able to prevent burnout

  • Applying mental training


Getting a grip
Showing resilience
Wanting to learn
Staying self-motivated
Managing stress
Accepting responsibility
Setting your own goals
Being self-critical

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