Finding a Start in the Learning Process is Challenging


It can be frustrating when learning doesn't work out the way you want it to. By realising why the skills you want to acquire are important, you will be able to motivate yourself for the learning process.

What is a microlearning?

Ideal soft skill training for the hectic workday, even without in-depth prior knowledge. Microlearning is a compact e-learning course that takes only a few minutes to complete. The short learning unit is ideal for quickly refreshing knowledge (Know-how) or solving professional challenges (Challenge). A microlearning can be combined with appropriate macrolearnings or used as a stand-alone learning product.


It’s a skill booster for complex tasks. Challenge Microlearnings focus on solving everyday challenges by advancing knowledge and teaching relevant emotional soft skills. They are to the point and deficitoriented.

Target group

  • Employees with and without a management function

Learning objectives

  • Motivating yourself for learning and personal development


Wanting to learn

Authoring tool


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