Virtual Teams – Communication

Virtuelle Teams – Kommunikation
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Leading virtual / hybrid teams


Total time 60 minutes

Communication is the fuel that powers all teamwork. This also applies to virtual teams. In this e⁠-⁠learning course, the participants will learn how to establish efficient communication in virtual teams. They will learn which digital media are suitable for which occasions and what they should think about when choosing the respective medium. Furthermore, the participants will learn to regulate the collaboration in their virtual team and to avoid media-induced misunderstandings. The e⁠-⁠learning course specifically addresses how virtual meetings must be conducted.


Target group

Leaders of virtual and agile teams; junior managers; project managers

Learning objectives

  • To understand and use digital media

  • To manage collaboration sensibly

  • To avoid misunderstandings

  • To lead virtual meetings efficiently


Setting an example
Working in a team
Working within a network
Providing clarity

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