The Manager as a Coach

Die Führungskraft als Coach
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Leadership styles and roles


Total time 50 minutes

Coaching is a highly effective option for supporting people in their development. Managers can also use the coaching approach to strengthen the self-responsibility, motivation, and performance of their employees. At the same time, given the countless offers that are available, there is tremendous uncertainty about what coaching actually is and how it can be employed for best results. This training explains what coaching is all about and how managers in particular can put coaching to use for their teams. It also explains key skills and methods as well as a globally established model that can be used for structuring coaching conversations.


Target group

Managers who want to support and guide their employees in the capacity of coach

Learning objectives

  • Distinguishing the most important differences between leading and coaching

  • Understanding the benefits of coaching

  • Using the coaching approach

  • Knowing the basic prerequisites for effective coaching

  • Building key coaching skills

  • Structuring coaching conversations using the established GROW model


Giving feedback
Managing teams
Demonstrating confidence
Showing caution
Coaching employees
Supporting employees
Entrusting responsibility

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