Leading according to maturity - encouraging employees to act in a customer-oriented way

Führen nach Reifegrad – Mitarbeitende im kundenorientierten Handeln fördern
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Leadership styles and roles


Total time 50 minutes

The focus of this e⁠-⁠training is the maturity model, which introduces four different leadership styles: the directive leadership style, the guiding leadership style, the participative leadership style and the delegating leadership style. The participants learn how to assess the maturity level of their employees and thus how to choose the appropriate leadership style.


Target group

  • Managers in the distribution of insurance products

Learning objectives

  • Re-engage employees with decreasing work motivation in the activities

  • Protect employees who are highly motivated but not yet skilled from being overwhelmed.

  • Giving highly motivated and professionally skilled employees freedom without losing sight of the central goals of customer advice and support

  • Be able to assess the individual maturity level of each staff member

  • Flexibly adapt management tools to the maturity level of the employees in order to promote the best possible performance in customer advice and care

  • Know the model "Leadership by Maturity" or "Situational Leadership" and apply it in everyday leadership.


Supporting employees
Appreciating colleagues
Motivating employees
Managing teams
Showing caution

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