Diversity & Inclusion – Facilitating and Promoting Diversity

Diversity & Inclusion – Vielfalt führen und fördern
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Basics of leadership


Total time 60 minutes

The majority of companies are now making a deliberate decision to favor diversity. International cooperation, demographic changes, women in management positions and individuality in the workplace — the general conditions for professional and private life have changed and there is a demand for tolerance and respect in our diverse society. But what does "diversity" actually mean? What are the advantages of diversity for a company? And how can managers promote this diversity step by step and establish it as an integral corporate value? That is what this e⁠-⁠learning course is all about.


Target group

  • Executives who want to be role models within the company

  • Managers who lead diverse teams

  • Managers who want to put diversity to good use in the company

Learning objectives

  • Understanding why diversity is becoming increasingly important in companies

  • Recognizing diversity as a resource and success factor

  • Recognizing and being able to grasp the different dimensions of diversity

  • Understanding diversity management as a holistic strategy

  • Recognizing and promoting the existing diversity in the team, as well as individual potential


Putting together teams
Demonstrating openness
Showing caution
Setting an example
Appreciating colleagues
Selecting employees
Taking on responsibility
Acting fairly and with integrity

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