Conflict Resolution for Managers

Konfliktmanagement für Führungskräfte
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Basics of leadership


Total time 60 minutes

For managers, the rule is: intervene as little as possible, but as much as necessary in a conflict involving their own employees. As a starting point, it is important to also recognize hidden conflicts and assess their severity. The theoretical basis for this is provided by Friedrich Glasl's model of the nine stages of conflict escalation. It clearly shows how conflicts can escalate if timely intervention is neglected. For each escalation stage, managers therefore learn various methods of conflict resolution - from the promotion of independent conflict resolution to mediation and arbitration as well as to the intervention of power.


Target group

Young executives; Experienced managers; Managers with a need for cooperative methods of team leadership

Learning objectives

  • Recognizing when a conflict is brewing in your team

  • Gauging which level of escalation the conflict has reached

  • Empowering your employees to resolve conflicts on their own

  • Learning about methods for mediation and decisive action

  • Knowing what to do in seriously escalating conflicts


Managing teams
Supporting employees
Resolving conflicts
Analyzing problems
Managing stress
Acting fairly and with integrity

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