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Change Management mit Klaus Doppler
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Total time 120 minutes

It is the dream of every manager to develop an idea, get the employees together, distribute the tasks - and then the process runs straight to the goal. Nothing could be further from reality - resistance will arise. Klaus Doppler, the "pope" of change management, presents the four pillars of change in our e⁠-⁠learning course "Change Management". He thus imparts fundamental knowledge about change processes.


Target group

Managers with responsibility for change processes

Learning objectives

  • Knowing the importance of change for the people involved

  • Knowing the cycles of a change process

  • Communicating changes professionally

  • Integrating affected people into the change project

  • Being able to win staff members over for the change

  • Recognizing and overcoming resistance to change management

  • Successfully managing changes


Representing the company
Showing confidence
Being bold
Providing clarity
Informing others
Forming collaborations
Supporting employees

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