Storytelling within the Company

Storytelling im Unternehmen
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Total time 80 minutes

Stories convey information more clearly, effectively and emotionally than facts and figures. Storytelling is part of every company and can be used in many situations, be it in conversations within a team or in conversations with customers. The e⁠-⁠learning course explains what storytelling is and how it works. Videos, tips, mnemonics, instructions and overviews show how to build a good story. Questions, transfer tasks and a final knowledge check ensure that the learning objectives are achieved.


Target group

For all managers, team leaders, members of development teams, and product owners who want to motivate their team members and get buy-in for specific ideas; Account managers and sales managers who want get their ideas across to their audiences better and be genuinely convincing.

Learning objectives

  • Understanding the advantages of stories in comparison to facts

  • Perceiving the usefulness of storytelling in almost every area of work

  • Using storytelling in the leadership of employees and teams

  • Finding "stories" for your own company

  • Realizing the fundamental principles behind every story

  • Applying the five steps to create suspense in a great story


Giving convincing presentations
Working within a network
Informing others
Analyzing situations

Authoring tool



Moderated video lectures
Animated illustrative videos
Key messages
Interactive elements
Enacted scenes
Knowledge Check
Transfer tasks
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