Justification and Persuasion Techniques

Argumentieren und überzeugen
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Total time 200 minutes

This e⁠-⁠learning will present the participants with numerous tools for better and more effective argumentation. They will learn about the five-step technique, the ETHOS scheme and the four i⁠-⁠Words technique. An expert gives advice for professional preparation and the use of voice and body language. Using film scenes the e⁠-⁠learning shows how to deal with blackouts, counterarguments, trick questions and verbal attacks in a confident way.


Target group

Staff in Marketing; sales and procurement; managers and supervisors

Learning objectives

  • Being able to argue your point professionally, even in difficult situations

  • Mastering the key techniques for structuring statements

  • Arguing your position confidently and persuasively

  • Having a strong and convincing manner way of expressing yourself

  • Applying strategies for difficult negotiations

  • Knowing the rules of conduct and conversation, so that you always stay cool when arguing a point


Giving convincing presentations
Getting a grip
Making yourself clear
Asserting yourself
Informing others

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Transfer tasks
Enacted scenes
Interactive elements
Key messages
Moderated video lectures
Knowledge Check
Animated illustrative videos