Working with the Kanban Board

Kanban – die Methode
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Agility & Innovation


Total time 50 minutes

To ensure that the participants do not only get to know Kanban in its short form as a planning tool, the e⁠-⁠learning first briefly goes into its development. On the basis of the development in the Japanese automotive industry, they get to know the "flow idea" behind Kanban. This should enable the participants to use the method more creatively and purposefully. A case study from the manufacturing industry will also make Kanban tangible. The participants will learn the different ways to handle a Kanban board. They also learn about the most important elements such as "Work in Progress Limits" and the "Pull Principle".


Target group

Teams that are looking for more productive ways to collaborate and use Kanban; project managers; executives; team leaders who want to use the Kanban board in a meaningful way and who are interested in and want to use agile methods

Learning objectives

  • Understanding the ideas which Kanban is based on

  • Implementing Kanban for team work

  • Adapting Kanban boards to my needs

  • Improving the work organization of my team with the Kanban principles

  • Using the pull principle to create the basis for self-organized work in a team


Analyzing situations
Managing your own time
Providing clarity
Continuously optimizing

Authoring tool



Key messages
Animated illustrative videos
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Enacted scenes
Interactive elements
Knowledge Check
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