Strategic Sales—Building Relationships

Strategisches Verkaufen – Beziehungs­­gestaltung
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Total time 60 minutes

Customer care plays a major role in strategic sales. Customers who do not feel like they are being looked after are very likely to turn to the competition or not make (further) purchases from your company. But what exactly is good customer care? Why does it make sense to understand the motives of customers and to consider them during customer care? Why does individual marketing make sense and what individual marketing measures are there? How can you implement them effectively? How can you successfully leverage cross-selling to build relationships? These issues will be addressed in detail during this e⁠-⁠training course.


Target group

Salespersons; sales representatives; sales staff; inside sales; key account managers

Learning objectives

  • Knowing the importance of good customer care

  • Understanding and being able to serve the motives of customers

  • Knowing individual marketing measures and being able to use them effectively

  • Asking the right questions to find out more about the customers

  • Being able to successfully use cross-selling to shape relationships


Forming relationships
Developing strategies
Building trust
Focusing on customer satisfaction
Being reliable
Thinking strategically

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