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Meetings moderieren
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Moderating & Presentation


Total time 50 minutes

Far too often, meetings are perceived as time wasters. Which is indicative of just how frequently meetings are badly organized and run. The fact is, meetings fulfill important purposes in everyday working life. They are a very good format for bringing everyone up to speed, they help to identify what's going wrong, and they can be used to generate new ideas. Without meetings, companies would miss out on critical communication that keeps them afloat in a competitive, ever-changing market. For this reason, the Moderating Meetings e⁠-⁠learning course will introduce participants to various meeting formats. Participants will learn how to foster a productive atmosphere as the moderator in a meeting, and they will acquire all of the necessary tools for dealing with a broad range of challenges—from long-winded ramblers to interrupters.


Target group

Managers and members of agile teams; employees in partly self-organized projects, and assistants

Learning objectives

  • Understanding the importance of effective meetings

  • Understanding meeting formats

  • Understanding the stages of a meeting

  • Preparing properly for meetings

  • Conducting meetings well

  • Following up effectively after meetings


Giving convincing presentations
Working in a team
Informing others

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