How to Design and Prepare a Training

Trainings vorbereiten und konzipieren
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Training the trainers


Total time 70 minutes

One of the essential formats for the effective transfer of knowledge is face-to-face training. In this standard e⁠-⁠learning the participants receive the basics for planning and designing a classroom training. This includes obtaining (and, if necessary, requesting) a goal-oriented briefing, elaborating the goals of the training, planning the contents and methods, and also considering the organizational challenges.


Target group

  • Specialists who want to pass on their know-how to employees and colleagues

  • trainers who want to be involved more in course design

Learning objectives

  • Obtaining professional briefings and ensuring that you understand what the client wants

  • analysing the intended participants based on key factors

  • being able to make the goals of the training course understandable

  • knowing and using methods and techniques for compiling the content

  • keeping an eye on the organisational demands and compiling professional seminar documents


Developing strategies
Analyzing situations
Taking a goal-oriented approach
Informing others
Agreeing on goals

Authoring tool



Animated illustrative videos
Enacted scenes
Transfer tasks
Key messages
Knowledge Check
Interactive elements
Moderated video lectures
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