Customer Centricity – Understanding, inspiring and retaining customers

Customer Centricity – Kund:innen verstehen, begeistern und binden
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Total time 70 minutes

Have you recently been excited to buy something or try a new service? What was it that grabbed your attention? It could’ve been a lot of things, but typically, when you are really energized about a purchase, that means that the company that you’re about to give money to did a great job of making the customer the focal point of product development and service processes. In this e⁠-⁠training course, you will learn about customer focus and get tips on how to help customers get inspired to try out the latest products or services.


Target group

Employees facing customer-centric issues who want to inspire their customers

Learning objectives

  • Focusing on customer needs and wants

  • Contributing to customer centricity

  • Understanding customers and learning how to motivate them and earn their loyalty

  • Influencing the customer journey in a targeted and successful way

  • Turning complainers into loyal customers


Analyzing situations
Working in a customer-oriented manner
Taking on responsibility
Taking a goal-oriented approach
Continuously optimizing
Getting involved

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Key messages
Animated illustrative videos
Moderated video lectures
Enacted scenes
Interactive elements
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