Classic Project Management – Successfully steering projects 

Klassisches Projektmanagement – Projekte erfolgreich steuern
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Project management


Total time 80 minutes

Have you defined your project goals and analyzed the environment of your project in detail? Yes?—Excellent! Then you are ready to move from the planning phase into the implementation phase of your project. As a project manager, your main task is to steer the project along the best possible path towards the project goal. In this e⁠-⁠learning course, you will therefore learn how and with which methods you can successfully manage your project. You will deal with the management of project goals, stakeholders, risk as well as project reporting. Each of these are valuable instruments in project steering.


Target group

  • Project managers who want to successfully steer their project on the basis of their project planning

  • All members of a project team who want to gain insight into the processes of project management

Learning objectives

  • Keeping project objectives in view and achieving them targeted control of a project’s time

  • Identifying the right time and starting points for project management during a project and taking action accordingly

  • Understanding the role of project planning in project steering and implementation

  • costs and scope of work

  • Analyzing, evaluating and managing identified stakeholders

  • Analyzing, evaluating and managing identified risks

  • Preparing project reports in an addressable and target-oriented manner


Overseeing goal achievement
Taking a goal-oriented approach
Analyzing problems
Using leeway in decision-making

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