Classic Project Management – Planning Projects Successfully

Klassisches Projekt­management – Projekte erfolgreich planen
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Project management


Total time 90 minutes

Do you sometimes have so many ideas for an upcoming task that you skip the planning for the task altogether and get started right away? Often, this “just do it” mentality is not a bad thing at all, sometimes it’s even the better way to get things done. In classic project management, however, it is exact the opposite. Here, planning is key to the success of the project! In this e⁠-⁠training course, you will therefore learn about the success factors of project planning in classic project management. You will learn which projects can be managed the classical way and how important it is to clearly allocate roles in order to make the project a success. Furthermore, the course highlights the project assignment as the most important planning document in classic project work. You will learn how to define milestones and thus give structure to project planning and the project phases. The e⁠-⁠training course content rounds off with tips for how to use the kick-off meeting to successfully move from planning to implementing the project.


Target group

  • Project managers who want to prepare themselves fully for a new projec

  • Project managers who want to learn from bad experiences with the management of a previous project and want to prepare themselves for their next project

  • Members of a project team, the client, the steering committee, and the stakeholders of a project who want to explore the breadth and depth of goal-oriented project planning

Learning objectives

  • Checking a task for its project character with the aid of project attributes

  • Analyzing the suitability of classic project management as a management method for a project

  • Understanding the importance of project planning in classic project management

  • Recognizing the importance of having clear responsibilities over the course of the project

  • Defining the different roles in classic project management

  • Considering the project assignment as the most important planning document

  • Designing a successful transition from project planning to execution


Taking a goal-oriented approach
Agreeing on goals
Informing others

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