Basics of the OKR-Method 

Die Grundlagen der OKR-Methode
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Total time 50 minutes

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Do you ever wonder what exactly your company's goals are and how your work can help achieve them? Would you like to be informed transparently about corporate values, vision and strategy, so that you, for your part, can work better and more purposefully? Would you like more effective and clear communication within your team and between different departments? If so, it is worth taking a look at “OKR”, an agile leadership and time management framework. The "O" in OKR stands for Objectives, the goals you set for yourself, your team or your company using the OKR methodology. Behind the "K" and the "R" are the Key Results, the key competencies you need to achieve your goals. By thoughtfully and clearly naming objectives and key results, the OKR method creates a clear and transparent focus on what is most important right now and helps organizations achieve a small number of specific goals in a precisely defined way. Does that sound good? Then take a look at our e⁠-⁠training.

What is a macrolearning?

Comprehensive soft skills training for in-depth personal development. Macrolearning is a classic elearning course with a completion time of approximately 50 minutes. As a particularly intensive form of digital development, macrolearning promotes soft skills and sharpens personal profiles. For a holistic learning journey, PINKTUM Macrolearnings can also be combined with suitable compact Microlearnings.


Target group

  • Employees who want to or should work with the OKR method in the future

  • managers sho want to introduce and establish the OKR method in their teams

Learning objectives

  • Recognizing the benefits of the OKR method for yourself, your team and the entire company

  • Formulating, communicating and tracking good objectives

  • Formulating key results to make objectives measurable and traceable

  • Tracking work with OKRs using an OKR cycle


Taking a goal-oriented approach
Agreeing on goals
Overseeing goal achievement
Working within a network
Setting your own goals
Continuously optimizing
Communicating your vision

Authoring tool



Moderated video lectures
Knowledge Check
Transfer tasks
Key messages
Enacted scenes
Interactive elements
Animated illustrative videos
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